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Americus fire emergency services firefighters responded to 11 calls for medical attention.Firefighters taken care of immediately a vehicle fire on martin luther king jr.Blvd.Firefighters taken care of immediately a pile of leaves on fire on jefferson street.Hwy 280 east, and uppr river road.Firefighters taken care of immediately a trash fire in a 55 gallon drum at weeks trailer park, 916 martin luther emperor jr.Blvd.Firefighters taken care of immediately a gas odor at a winn street resident where they found a leak from a space heater.Firefighters taken care of immediately a gas leak at an ivy street residence.Firefighters responded to a storage building fire at a west lester street residence where a leaf burning fire got unchecked.Firefighters taken care of immediately a water leak at a laurel circle residence.Firefighters taken care of immediately a fire at a weeks trailer park residence cause by food left on the stove.Americus police agency arrests john l.Floyd, 61, of 194 lasco harvey neighborhood, americus is arraigned with no tag and no proof of insurance.Harry porter, 52, of 117 ashby e, americus is convicted of engaging in, selling, inviting, helping or abetting a fight.He experienced been jailed.Alexander sale price, 48, of 308 winn saint, americus is arraigned with engaging in, reselling, pushing, assisting or abetting a fight.Nathaniel have difficulty, 47, of 288 wilson overcome road, leslie is arrested for dui.Otis carl jones, 48, along with 1115 n.Fitzgibbons st, americus is faced with probation violation.He was probably jailed.Joshua bryse t.Julian, 24, of 409 barlow e, americus is arraigned with driving while license is suspended or revoked and failure to stop at a stop sign.Troy exum, 38, of leslie is arraigned with open container.Motorway 19, southwest, americus is arrested with leaving the scene of an accident(Americus criminal court)And disturbance with government property and obstruction(Sumter sheriff).He turned out jailed.John edden, 22, of 898 train st, americus is convicted of disorderly conduct.Ramirez contrell bigger, 23, of 292 desoto seeds farm road, desoto is charged with giving false information to criminal court officers, driving not having license on person, laying drag and misdemeanor wardrobe of marijuana.Diana parry, 39, of 113 southland journey, leslie is arrested for driving while license is suspended or revoked and failure to stop at a stop sign.George toast, 36, of 203 bayhill travel, americus is involved in battery/family violence act.He had jailed.Deloris ann dorsey, 47, within 137 w.Lesainter saint, americus is involved in driving while unlicensed, driving while intoxicated, thing of cocaine and battery/family violence act.She were jailed.John reginald reddick, 34, of eatonton is charged with operating an auto without registration of valid license plate, no proof of life program, driving while intoxicated, open container and misdemeanor wardrobe of marijuana.Lisa mrs.Waters, 31, of 10 a peach circular image, americus is convicted of disorderly conduct.Kene narnell davis, 24, of 1311 salter’s mill path, americus is involved in probation violation.He turned out to be jailed.Cathy crawford, 35, of 1185 fox creek st, preston is faced with disorderly conduct.Pandora barker, no age or address released, is involved in probation violation.She has jailed.Incidents a person was reported missing from a north jackson street home.A gas drive away was reported at flash foods, 1101 crawford e.A fake $20 bill was reported at wayne’s world, 1043 vitamin y.Forsyth saint.Criminal trespass was reported at a lorraine avenue real estate.Criminal trespass was reported at a crawley street property or home.Ease of access store, 1101 martin luther ruler jr.Blvd.A green leafy substance is discovered inside big a package store, 1201 martin luther cal sovereign jr.Blvd.Hit and run traffic mishaps were reported on peach circle and hudson street.Forgery was said there was an at citizens bank of americus, 106 tripp street.A nail gun was reported stolen from a barlow street condo.A wallet was discovered at the car wash at patterson street and martin luther king jr.Blvd.Criminal trespass was reported at an east lester street flat.Forgery was specified at zaxby’s, 1204 crawford e.Forgery was claimed of at wal mart supercenter, 1809 electronic.Lamar e.Shoplifting was testified to at shoe show, 1403 electronic.Forsyth e.Burglary was reported at a madison street flat.Burglary was reported at a davenport street property.Interstate 280 east and lamar road.Using the accident report, john Ralph Lauren Rugbys holly boozer, 38, related to tavares, fla, driving a 2006 chevrolet pick up truck, was wandering east on 280 while kathy wynn, 71, cobb, using a 1997 mercury marquis, was driving a vehicle north on pecan road.Wynn had stopped at the stop sign at the intersection and said she looked both ways and wasn’t able to witness anything coming.She pulled along with the intersection and collided with boozer’s truck.The truck came to rest on the east shoulder of lamar road and the marquis came to rest in north of manchester ditch of 280.Wynn was taken by sumter ems to sumter local hospital.She was treated and absolved, in line with the nursing house supervisor.Wynn is involved in failure to yield the right of way.Detain calvin henslee, no age or address assigned, is convicted of dui, open carrier and no tag light.He offers jailed.Lumpkin police area arrest kasedrick lockett, no age or address given, is arraigned with probation violation.He was Ralph Lauren waistcoat in prison at the sumter county jail.Dec.4 at South atlanta Tech Parkway and Southerfield Road. Depending on the accident report, Which premiered onDec.11, A 1994 chevy GMT 400, Committed by Barry Smith of 111 North County Line Road, Americus, Was completed at the stop sign, But after looking for both, Proceeded within the intersection of Old Andersonville Road and SGT Parkway when it struck a 2001 Chevrolet Malibu LS, Influenced by David A.Kuipers of 209 mockingbird fire, americus, that has been traveling east on sgt parkway.Kuipers was taken by sumter ems to sumter local hospital.He was treated and came up with, using the nursing house supervisor.There have been no charges.Friday around ga.Roads 280 east and thomas drive.In line with the accident report, johnnie lee light of ellaville, motor vehicle a 2006 ford f250, stopped at the stop sign and then pulled over the intersection and collided with a 2000 oldsmobile alero driven by rebecca jackson of americus.Jackson and a voyager in her vehicle, calvin sims, 30, of 212 tom hall group, americus were taken by sumter ems to sumter local hospital.These people were treated and released.White is arrested for failure to yield the right of way.Busts fredy flores, 18, of 113 a bush circular image, americus is faced with a obstruction, and experienced been jailed.Esteban carrera flores, 23, of 134 wilson e, leslie is faced with dui, driving while license is halted, open cooking pot and improper lane change.He was launched on bond.Jose deb.Christ galindo, 23, related to pelham, ala, is arrested with improper lane change and driving while unlicensed.He was published on bond.Clifton terry, 18, of 104 towerview trip, americus is faced with dui.He premiered on bond.Travis create a account, 28, of 122 laurel group, americus is arrested for terroristic threats and harassing phone calls.He had become jailed.Louise oakes, 26, of 102 treasure drive, americus is arrested with disorderly conduct and obstruction, and ended up being jailed.Andrea durham, 20, of 102 generator creek, americus was rotting in jail on a bench warrant.She turned out to be jailed.Details sandra lee ramirez, 22, associated with 532 e.Forsyth e, Americus is arraigned with tail light requirement.Jerry holmes, 48, of americus is arraigned with failure to stop at a stop sign at a railroad crossing.Marilyn cotton, 47, of columbus is arrested with speeding.Hwy 19 south, mcmath mill roads and lamar highway.An assault was reported at south georgia tech college.Loud music was reported at a short lane property or home.Three automobiles were tagged for removal on ga.Hwy 49 north, and the other on tallent store road.A juvenile problem was reported at a dellwood drive household.Deputies taken care of immediately alarms at two residences and two businesses.Interstate south.A grover drive kama’aina(Reported a lost wallet, but later built it.A on your guard person was reported at a stonewall drive residence.A dubious person was reported at a flintside drive, cobb condo.Deputies assisted three drivers.Deputies taken care of immediately a medical alarm at a ga.Highway 27 east address.Highway 19 south resident in town reported identity theft.Virtually any ga definite.It absolutely later found.Deer carcasses were supposedly illegally dumped on barnes road.Deputies conducted a welfare check at a debra ann drive flat.Hwy 280 east at lamar road.

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